Dog Hair

The CarPET is an ideal Dog Hair Remover and  works equally well on all types of  dog hair – long or short, soft or wiry. It works magically even on those needle like dog hairs of short coated smooth terriers like those of a Jack Russell  that can get embedded in your carpets and soft furnishings. It is ideal also for dogs that moult profusely like Labradors and Collies and leave their moulting dog hair wherever they rest for even a minute. Use either as a quick brush to remove stray hairs or to thoroughly clean material that has become embedded with dog hair.

If your dog travels in the car, The CarPET Pet Hair Remover will easily gather and remove the dog hairs that get engrained into the carpet floor and the sides of the luggage space. And of course on the car upholstery the CarPET Pet Hair Remover is adept at getting  out the dog hair that sometimes even vacuuming won’t remove.

And if you find dog hairs on your clothes it is best to place them flat on a table, hold them securely with one hand and brush The CarPET Pet Hair Remover towards you with light pressure to easily and effectively gather up the dog hair. It will then easily ball up in your hand for you to chuck in the bin.

  • Ideal for the home & car – carpets & upholstery
  • Lifts, gathers and removes even the trickiest pet hairs
  • Simply brush over the surface – instantly effective

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