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New Distributor for North America - see us at Superzoo

 Superzoo 2016
We very much hope that we will get the opportunity to see you at Superzoo at Booth 3015
As always The CarPET- Pet Hair Remover continues to provide great results and is always appreciated by the vast number of people that love and live
with pets and we hope you may be interested in working with a reliable and effective product that holds many valuable benefits.
We are excited to have become partners with Pet Product Innovations, LLC of Des Plaines, IL.  Pet Product Innovations owns Paw Plunger, an award-winning 
dog paw cleaner and Zen Clipper, a fool-proof cat and dog nail trimmer and is the U.S. master distributor of Becothings, an eco-friendly line of dog and cat
bowls, beds and toys made of sustainably produced rice husks, bamboo and natural rubber.   They also distribute SmartLeash, a revolutionary retractable dog lead.
Please pass by and meet the team and let us know if you would like to make a timed visit.

May and time for Interzoo

Nicky and Fi are attentding Interzoo and are so looking forward to the excitement the show brings and meeting up with both our loyal and our new customers. Call us on 044 79187 43200 if you wish to make a special meeting time - or visit our UK distributors James & Steel - and they will be ready to welcome and support our international buyers. 

And have you seen the special Interzoo Offer?

  • Free international delivery on minimum starter packs of just 20 units (10 orange and 10 pink)  Email order by 15 June
  • Any order placed for a mixed pack of Pink and Orange units will also receive 4 free!
  • Order now and benefit from a product that will be greatly appreciated by all your customers that love and live with pets. 


As our business has grown, the greater resources of James & Steel Ltd can be appreciated to help continue to provide our UK customers with the fast, effiecient and friendly service that you all deserve.  

Please do get in touch with us if you have any suggestions, ideas or even complaints or perhaps just for a catch up as we want to know how you are doing and how we can help your business grow! 

BETA show at the NEC. 24 - 26 Jan

We are delighted to be back and to welcome you Stand N.10.7

John and Paul from James and Steel Ltd look forward to meeting you. 

January 2016!!

Thanks to the respect and enthusiasm that James and Steel Ltd have for The CarPET - pet hair remover, we are proud to announce that from 1st February, J&S will be the sole distributors for the UK pet market and will be offering loads of support and help to all our valued customers. 

July 2015

SuperZoo 2015

For all of you visiting Vegas for SuperZoo – have a successful and fun time!!

Don’t forget we’ve got the Boutique pink color too and both the original orange and the new pink are available in packs of 10 with clipstrips as well as cartons of 50, 100, pallets of 2,400 and containers of 56,500

Pink CarPET

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