Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on all Pet Hair?

Yes. Well at least those pets who have hair and even feathers in fact!

The CarPET PEt Hair Remover works on all pet and equine hair and is perfect for the tricky sharp needle types of hairs like those off short haired terriers. It's even being used in the Middle East to brush up camel hair!

Is it effective on all clothing?

It works best on cloth with texture like wool, tweed, fleeces etc though its not so effective on light fabrics like silk, chiffon, cotton t-shirts etc. 

Is there a visual demo?

Yes - click on the video on the About - How to Use it page.

How long does it last?

It is a robust tool and as it has 4 usable sides it last a long time but this totally depends on exactly how much you use it and on what surface. The harder the surface, the more it will wear away but even on coarse carpet  tiles it can last years. One customer used it every day on the carpet beneath his desk where his dog woudl sit and it took four years before he needed a new one,

All customers are more than happy to buy replacements when necessary as they have become so attached to a product that works and is instantly effective.


Can it be washed?

Yes. Simply wash it in water and detergent.

Does it harm material or upholstery?

No, as it is not necessary to use pressure. Simply brush LIGHTLY toward you. There is no need to press hard.

Does it de-bobble wool?

Yes it does and with no need for pressure.

If I order today, how long before I receive my CarPET?

UK: up to 3 working days

Europe: up to 8 working days

USA: up to 3 working days

The Rest of the World: up to 10 working days

I don't have a credit card. How do I place an order?

We use PayPal as our secure internet payment facility. PayPal have a number of payment solutions including e-cheque and bank transfers. Visit for more information