works wonders  

I have just placed an order for another 2 pet hair removers, one for a friend and one to replace mine which has lasted many years of constant use but finally worn smooth. 

I have 2 Ragdoll cats and their long hair is difficult to remove from carpets and furniture even with a Dyson Animal cleaner.  

The CARPET cleaning device works wonders.

Marvellous design  

I was in York on Monday and Tuesday of this week, popped into the Cat Gallery on Stonegate, and there I found your product.. I have cleaned several carpets in my flat with the CarPET cleaning block and still have my fingertips intact, all thanks to the marvellous design idea of your companies. Thank you once again for making a solution, and a great one at that, and congratulations and best luck for further products.

Angela M.


I would just like to say a massive congratulations on such a wonderful piece of product design and a big 'Thank You' for creating a simple yet marvellous solution to a problem.

I have two black cats which are absolutely gorgeous; and after recently moving into my new apartment, where I have cream carpets throughout, the problem started to arise, regularly. I tried many ways to remove the black cat hair – using the soles of my shoes, I tried using a rubber-bristled brush, using the Hoover, but I ended up using my fingertips to try and gather the hair from the carpet, the hoover just wasn't picking up the fur enough. By the time you have brushed the entire carpet of several rooms with your fingertips, they don’t half begin to hurt!


I love your block. Mummy now lets me have the dog in the car if I promise to quickly use your block to brush the seats after. Thank you.Bryony



Your device is wizard. It's so good to have knocking about in my car – always around and indestructible and ready for a quick brush of the seats when we go out with the dogs! Please can I have 2 more. J.D.

J. D.

the only thing that seems to work on my horse rugs  

I absolutely LOVE your pet hair remover. It's the only thing that seems to work on my horse rugs. My horses are now the smartest at the show. 

Thank you, Mary

Thank you, Mary.

all hair GONE in NO time  

Last weekend I came here from Germany to a dogshow in Genk, Belgium. In one of the halls they sold your CarPETS. 

Of course I bought them. 

I have 6 dogs from Border Terrier and Italian Greyhound to Australian Shepherds. A very hairy family!!!

I have been using your CarPET on my trousers (black), my jacket orange with BLACK hair on it, on my Poloshirt, on the couch, all hair GONE in NO time. 

Thankyou for having such a wonderful product.

Regards, Veronica and dogs

Regards, Veronica and dogs


Your product is  absolutely amazing! 
I am very happy that I found it.

thanks! Mariana


fab product  

What a product, such a small thing works so well, I have two corgis and they leave hair everywhere but your product makes light work of clearing the hairs, so impressed purchased another so keep one at home and one in car. Will be passing on details of your fab product to my doggy friends. 
Thanks again for a great idea and product. Love from the Corgis

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  • Ideal for the home & car – carpets & upholstery
  • Lifts, gathers and removes even the trickiest pet hairs
  • Simply brush over the surface – instantly effective

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